Even the best specialists could tell about how the world of class II biology safety cabinets can be boring as more or less all the products are quite the same, except one or two more or less successful or useful patents implanted by any manufacturer.
We're proud of that our units are unique and yet equipped with unequaled technological advances. 3 points to illustrate :

Our units shells are all built with HPL plain formica, a material neutral toward particles, water and fire resistant and with a high density. While almost all the biology safety cabinets are built from metal structures, our units distinguish themselves by the durability and esthetics (it's important also !) this choice of material confers to them.
We were among the first manufacturers in the world to propose a sloped work zone access which grants more comfort to the user by giving a supplement of distance between the user's face and the sash window and by providing a better visibility of the work area.
Thanks to the developments we made using the ECM technology, we own now the most reliable technology of air flow control available today. Constant air flow guaranteed without the requirement of any sensor what means no requirement for any calibration. With automatic alarms based on the feed-back of the motor itself, alarms will occur automatically when but only when maintenance is required on the unit, making it virtually "intelligent".
Finally, Israflow included in it's biological safety cabinets numerous features inherited from the experience of more than 15 years of enhancements on the same basic design, such as interlocking the UV light operation with the sash window's situation, a work surface offering arms rest and much more...

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