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As representative of Clestra Cleanroom in Israel, Israflow can supply, install and maintain the partition & ceiling systems of Clestra Cleanroom, one of the world leading companies of the field.
Clestra's solutions allow the building of high performance enveloppes : high mechanical resistance, good tightness, good thermal and noise insulation, easy integration of equipments... But the most spectacular aspect remains that any pannel can be demounted at anytime in a few minutes only, a perfect demonstration of the possibilities given by Clestra's completely modular solutions.
Clestra's huge manufacturing capabilities allow the supply of large quantities of partition in a minimum time and at competitive prices.
At this stage, there are already more than 10,000 sq.m of clean rooms installed in Israel using Clestra's wall and ceiling solutions, from class 100 to class 100,000 and applications ranging from biotechnology to optic.
A lot of additional information is available at the site of Clestra Cleanroom :
Clestra cleanroom home page

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