Israflow at work ! These are pictures of the construction of several clean rooms in Israel between 1993 and 1999. Click on the thumbnail to see the full size image. We hope that we'll make it again on your site tomorrow !

Installation of HVAC unit (1)

Installation of HVAC unit (2)

Installation of HVAC unit (3)

First : the ceiling, here Clestra walkable

The space over the ceiling turns to be a technical area

T-Bar ceiling. Note the ductwork and spinkler lines completed before the T-Bar is installed.

Ducts over the T-bar ceiling

Electricity and sprinkler lines over the T-Bar

Floor levelling Floor levelling completed. Note the florr and ceiling tracks. Electrical work going on. The lighting fixtures are installed... And being connected...

The wall pannels are simply inserted between the floor and ceiling tracks. Clean construction protocols are applied at all stage. The partitions are installed. Flooring.

Flooring. The HEPA filters will be installed. Just before installing the HEPA filters. Installation of the electrical accessories before closing the post-caps.

Facility ready for start-up and commisioning.

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