Class 1,000 aseptic clean room in biological laboratory


For small, middle sized or specific projects Israflow can propose solutions of it's own.
Our ceiling systems use the best T-Bar money can buy with the care of a lighting level that will always exceed 1,000 Lux and a filter coverage exceeding the requirements for the requested class.
Our preffered material for partitions is HPL (High Pressure Laminate), which, not being only perfectly neutral toward particles, is also fire retardant, water proof, with a good resistance to chemicals and also provider of a good thermal insulation.
Our partitions are always designed in such a way that they will permit an optimum integration oif all equipments, such as piping, autoclaves, etc...
We provide a large choice of solutions, post-capped or not, eventually full glazed, our masterpiece of all time being 6 m high stainless steel coated walls for a chemical facility...
For the best information and advice concerning the partitions you may need, just E-mail us at

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