Class 100,000 facility for medical device
manufacturing at an early stage of construction


Israflow can be implied in many different ways in your clean room project.
At the ultimate stage, we'll handle it as a turnkey project, starting from the design, supplying the whole HVAC system, the enveloppe and performing the startup & commissioning of the facility. Our partnership with General Electric in Israel allows us to supply particularly performant control systems for the HVAC at competitive prices.
In other cases our role can be restricted to the supply and installation of the enveloppe, eventually of a ceiling system only. Between these two extremes, we can provide any intermediate service...
What we DO NOT do is :
- construction or demolition works on the structure hosting the clean room
- electricity works upstream of the pannels supplying the HVAC and clean room fixtures (lighting, plugs, etc..)
- piping or electricity work related to equipments installed within the clean room.
What we provide is elegant solutions for penetrations required by the equipments, pass-thrus, "intelligent" interlocked door systems, etc...
Our modular solutions give an unmatched ease for performing changes from the initial design.

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