Class 100 units
for biotechnological process


Also called soft wall clean rooms, these units differ from laminar flow work stations by offering a clean space larger than a single work surface, from the size of a small room to more.
When the HEPA filter coverage is close to 100 %, a laminar flow is created and the unit will provide class 100 or better conditions, but Israflow also designs and builds units for class 1,000 to class 100,000.
Our units structures are usually made of aluminum or painted steel, with HPL plain formica plenums and parements.
The most economical solution for supplying HEPA filtered air in these units is to use FFUs (Fan Filtered Units). Israflow will start to use this year FFUs of it's own design, using the ECM technology and, based upon the tests performed on our prototypes, with a remarkable low noise level at operation.
All our units are supplied with lighting exceeding 800 Lux in the work area and adapted with the type of flow within the unit.

What it is...


Horizontal stations


Vertical stations


Clean booths