Horizontal L.F. work stations
with top air-intake
and 2 petcocks for gas & vacuum


Israflow's horizontal work stations are built in formica coated plywood. They are designed with either a top air-intake (supplied with their stand or installed on an existing work surface) or with a bottom air intake. A first degree a filtration is supplied by 30 % ASHRAE filters upstream of the blower(s) avoiding a premature clogging of the final HEPA filter(s) by gross particles.
All our units use the ECM technology with it's advantages for automatic flow control.
The units aimed for biological requirements are built with negative pressure surrounding plenums providing the assurance that no air air will ever by-pass the final HEPA filter, even if a breach was to occur in the surrounding sealing.
Our models are designed by the initials IH followed by numbers which the first digits are the number of dm of of the length of the work areas and the followings by it's width.
The range spans from IH 96 (with a 610 x 915 mm work surface area) to IH 2112 (2286 x 1220 mm work surface area).
The dimensions available depend upon the available standard HEPA filter dimensions existing. In any case, our units are equipped with oversized motor-blower assemblies in order to ensure long lasting and quiet functioning of the unit.
The possible options are : HPL plain formica body - stainless steel, antistatic or anti-vibration work surface - front curtain - UV lighting - petcocks. Any particular requirement can be considered.

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