What do we do

Upon the statistics of the 4 last years, our activity can be summarized by the following figures :
About 30 % is clean room construction, about 70 % of it in the frame of turnkey projects, 30 % as supplier & constructor of ceiling and walls.
25 % is the fume hood construction and installation activity both from isolate orders and from large projects in which tenths of units are to be provided.
20 % is made by supplying biological safety cabinets and laminar flow work stations. 60 % of these being standard catalogue products, 40 % special designs for particular use.

15 % is the product of our service & certification activities. The service includes both repair of defective systems and preventive maintenance of installed equipments. Our certification department works both with the QC/QA/GMP departments of large manufacturers and as an advisor for smaller organizations.
The remaining 10 % are divided between the construction and supply of furniture for clean rooms and laboratories and the supply of other clean room and laboratory related equipments such as HEPA filters, prefilters, clean room garments, finger cots, gloves, etc…