About Israflow

A Team of Passionate Engineers.

over 40 years of experience in clean rooms and workstations with original concepts manufacturing. Israflow is a leader in the industry to provide you with the next solution to your chalenge

We don’t only make things safe. We make them work great as well.

We specialize in clean room construction  in the frame of turnkey projects or as supplier & constructor of ceiling and walls.

We provide custom made construction of fume hood and installation activity both from isolated orders and from large projects.

We supply biological safety cabinets and laminar flow workstations either from standard catalogue products or special designs for particular use.

We also offer a variety of services & certifications. The services include both repair of defective systems and preventive maintenance of installed equipment. Our certification department works both with the QC/QA/GMP departments of large manufacturers and as an advisor for smaller organizations.

In addition we offer construction and supply of furniture for clean rooms and laboratories and the supply of other clean room and laboratory related equipment such as HEPA filters, prefilters, clean room garments, finger cots, gloves and more.

Our Story

Israflow Ltd. has over 40 years of experience in clean rooms and workstations with original concepts manufacturing. Israflow also provides QA and QC along with certifications on all clean rooms and workstations assuring all are kept in high standards within the industry regulations. 

This activity turned fast into the construction of individualized solutions to the problems encountered and Israflow turned quickly into being a manufacturer of clean rooms and solutions in the still primitive market of this time.

Our Design Process

We excel in designing custom made cleanroom and workstations based on your needs to fit your area and enviorment and ensure a safe place to work at.


We work closely with your team to understand how they operate in their work enviorment and what are their needs and wants for them to work in saftey with the highest QA standards.


We take into consideration all the elements of our research and design a solution that will perfectly match your needs and wants and at the same time meet the industry standards.


All cleanrooms and clean workstations are built and constracted in Israel in our factory with great care where we keep true to ISO 9001 standards.