Laminar flow


Laminar flow work stations are work surfaces swept by an uniform stream of HEPA filtered air providing particle free/sterile air. There’s currently no israeli standard about them, but they are well described in the american Federal Standard 209b , the IES-RP-CC002-86 and numerous internal SOPs of big american organizations such as the NASA.
Summarizing the contents of these standards, a L.F. work station should supply a uniform stream of HEPA filtered air at an average velocity of 0.45 m/s +/- 20 % with a uniform pattern so that no velocity reading made on the face of the station would deviate by more than 20 % from the average velocity of the work station.
A distinction is made between horizontal and vertical work stations, depending on the direction of the stream of clean air.
In both cases class 100 or better conditions are created in the work space, providing sterile conditions for cell culture or other biology related activities and clean conditions for manipulations on sensible micro-electronic, mechanic or optic components.
Israflow builds both horizontal & vertical work stations with the flexibility that a manufacturer can use toward the requirements of any specific client.