Fume hood

Fume hooods are enclosures designed to permit manipulations on volatile chemical agents such as solvents, acids, etc…
Israel adopted the australian standard for these equipments as the israeli standard 1839.
The standard is quite heavy and exhaustive, but the main idea is that a fume hood will provide a correct protection by supplying an average inflow velocity at the work surface opening exceeding 0.5 m/s with air flow patterns free of turbulences or reflux.
Fixed fume hoods include the following component :
– The cell of the unit with the work surface which shall provide an adequate aerodynamic profile to get proper air flow patterns.
– Ducts that will drive the exhausted air to the point of discharge
– A blower suiting the required exhaust air volumes.
– If reqired by the nature or by the concentration of the chemicals used, an adequate filtration system or scrabber for treatment of the vapors.
Portable units integrate a blower and a filtration system and may release air into the laboratory. They are an easy to implant solution where small concentrations of products are treated. Israflow designs and builds complete lines of these products.