With the “Cruise Control” Israflow enters a market with not a few existing products, but with a one that not a lot can compare with.
The “Cruise Control” does not only exploit the ECM technology for flow control but it also fully integrates the possibilities of this technology for monitoring even thousands of units. With surprising performances concerning the noise level and many attention put on some “details” which may be of a great importance, (fire retardant acoustic insulation as an example). The “Cruise Control” is the product to look for, if you think you may require one or… much more FFUs.


The concept of a Fan Filter Unit (FFU), a compact unit including an HEPA filter and a built-in blower, exists for long years already and has proven to be versatile and cost-efficient.
When we decided to create our line of FFU, we thought that this was an opportunity to use our experience with the ECM technology. Others did this already, but did they really use all what allows the ECM motor ?
The user of a single unit will appreciate how the unit will keep supplying a constant air flow during all the life of the HEPA filter. The ECM motor does this by itself : it’s actually programmed for doing it without any external (and unleriable !) sensor or control sytem.

But the ECM motor does not allow only keeping a constant airflow : it supplies a feed-back message, which, analysed through a fitted software, allows the monitoring of almost every parameter of the system : RPM, pressure drop, actual air-flow, energy consumption ad more…
As the “Cruise control” is designed in such a way that an unlimited number of units can be interfaced together within a real network, the user of numerous units will enjoy this unique ease in controlling and monitoring his system from a display and a programmable controler, or from the screen of his PC.
All these unique advantages are not only available and reliable. The price of the “Cruise control” doesn’t exceed the price of its conventional concurrents ! Better check with Israflow about the “Cruise control” before buying a new FFU !